The Hermetic Alhambra constitutes a detailed account of this great monument from an esoteric point of view, an account which so far has been developed neither systematically nor comprehensively. In this work the measurements of its «Golden Proportion» are worked out, its symbolism is partially explained, an assessment is made of previously unclassified precedent, and its remarkable inscriptions are interpreted. At the same time, an attempt is made to identify the true sense of the various legends which outline its sacred origin. The book is divided into twelve chapters and the titles of a number of these give an indication of its hermetic content «The Alchemical Foundation of the Alhambra», «Granada, Crucible of two Heterodox Gothics», «The Comares Palace: Lost Replica of Solomon's Temple», «The Oasis of Sheba or The Court of the Lions», «The Living Crucible of The Hall of Two Sisters», etc. Each chapter is generously annotated with quotes from classical experts on the Alhambra, as well as Muslim historians and from treatise writers on the cabala and occultism.





The Alhambra by Socram.



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